Memorial Day Weekend

MAY 26, 27, 28, 2001


Judy Scherrer

Leaving St. Louis on Saturday
It looked like rain would cloud our way.
But as we loaded, the rain held off
And I thought, that's OK, God's the boss!

We headed East in our big red buses
Again not knowing what would confront us.
But all in all we didn't care
Because on the Mystery Trip - Better beware!

In Illinois we stopped to eat
In Mount Vernon the food was neat.
But where would we be going next?
We didn't want to place a bet!

We came to Indiana. Is this the place to be?
On our Mystery Trip we just have to wait and see.
Well, look! We're in Vincennes,
Pulling into the Executive Inn.

That night we danced in Owensville
The dance went really well.
The people at the hall
Made us feel proud and tall.

The prime rib and cobblers
Turned us into gobblers.
The food and service at the Inn
Were second to none from Chicago to Jackson.

We visited the Rendezvous
With its muskets, crafts and food,
And when I was called to throw a skillet
I didn't do it very good.

I was told there was an Indian
Who wore a small loincloth.
And when he moved across the grass,
Jane noticed more than just the cloth.

We danced in McCutchunville on Sunday
The dance went very well,
Maybe we'll come back sometime
To dance and stay a spell.

The after party was successful;
We had skits and songs and music.
Every year we have more fun
On the Mystery Bus Trip!