May 23, 24, 25, 2009

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Bus 1

Bus 2

The 2008 Mystery Bus Trip's destination was Cincinnati, Ohio. Judy and I had to miss the trip. Our son had made arrangements for us to visit him in S Korea and had trips to China & Japan planned.

We left StL Lambert around 6 am on May 18 and returned home June 10 at 9:20 pm. We had a great time in S Korea. It is a great place to vacation and the people are very helpful. Lots of good shopping right outside the gate to the Air Base. We visited the Korean Cultural Center, Seoul Tower, the DMZ, lots of shopping areas. In China we went to the Great Wall, drove past the Olympic site, Summer Palace, Forbidden City, Heavenly Palace and more. In Japan we went to the Tokyo Tower, Mt Fuji, rode a Hi speed train and the Imperial Palace.

We had a great time.

We will be back on bus #2 in 2009. Looking forward to all the great food and nice dances. Email Doug or Judy to reserve your spot on the 2009 Mystery Bus Trip.

2008 Cincinnati, OH
2007 Overland Park, KS
2006 Des Moines, IA
2005 Tulsa, OK
2004 Nashville, TN
2003 Lexington, KY
2002 Chicago, IL
2001 Vincennes, IN
2000 Springfield, MO
1999 Kansas City, MO
1998 Clinton, IA
1997 Mountain Home, AR

See you on the 2009 Mystery Bus Trip. Reserve your seat by contacting Doug or Judy.